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Lab Coats, Scrubs, and Medical Apparel

Uniform Rental and Laundry Services for Medical and Lab Facilities

Get Workwear for Your Doctors, Nurses, Lab Workers, and Patients

Whether you are a large hospital or a small medical practice, Clean Rental Uniforms has your staff covered. We understand the high standards for decontamination in a medical or laboratory setting. Our uniform programs help companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnical industries comply with and exceed those standards.

Tell us the type of medical apparel you need, how many employees you need covered, and any specialty garment requests. Our experts will prescribe a uniform program custom fit to your requirements.

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Doctors coat laundry services
Medical uniforms and workwear

Here’s a sample of the medical and lab uniforms we offer:

  • Nurse scrubs
  • Surgeon scrubs
  • Protective barrier lab coats
  • ESD/Anti-Static coats
  • Counter coats and smocks
  • Patient gowns
  • Professional wear

Guaranteed to Protect Against Medical and Laboratory Hazards

Work clothes should never put your operations at risk — that’s why our medical uniform and lab coat cleaning services are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and thousands of clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We guarantee our lab coats and scrubs will stand up to the demands of your facility and staff.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Worker safety is always a top priority. Our detergents and washing processes exceed EPA standards and adhere to OSHA’s strict bloodborne pathogen (BBP) regulations.


Our fully-managed uniform laundering and rental programs keep workwear out of employees’ homes and cleaned to meet your in-house standards.

Role Identification

For large medical and laboratory facilities, role identification is essential during critical situations. We provide an array of colors to suit your role identification needs.


Let us know the garments you are looking for.


We’ll put a uniform program together for you.


You’ll get a program custom fit to your needs.

What Customers Say About Our Food Safety Uniform Rental Services

“Years ago, we handled our scrub suits like most hospitals. We owned the product and contracted with a laundry service for cleaning. But, the processes had issues, particularly with inventory. There never seemed to be enough scrubs for the clinicians on a daily basis.

Clean Rental came in with a uniform rental program that was a real departure from the norm. Whatever we need, they respond—from meeting the garment handling processes mandated by our industry’s infection control policies, to eliminating our scrubs supply issue. Nearly two decades and several contract renewals later, Clean Rental is still on their toes. They NEVER take our account for granted.”

COO, Healthcare Company
Burlington County, New Jersey

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