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Uniform Cleaning Services for Work Coveralls and Insulated Outerwear

Keep Your Employees Comfortable On the Job

Clean Rental Uniforms offers outerwear garment rentals and laundry services to keep your employees warm and comfortable in cold working environments. From insulated garments, reflective jackets, and lightweight coats, we have you covered! We also have options for high-visibility and flame resistant materials.

Our full service uniform programs help keep your employees organized with clean workwear for everyday of the week. Tell us about your outerwear needs and we’ll build a custom uniform program fit to your business!


Here’s a sample of the outerwear apparel we offer:

  • Work jackets
  • Light coats
  • Insulated overalls
  • Insulated coveralls
  • Mechanic coveralls
  • Flame resistant outerwear
  • High-visibility outerwear

Get Outerwear and Coverall Cleaning for Your Workers

While many uniform companies only provide your standard shirt and pants, we go the extra mile to find garment solutions for all your needs. Our uniform rental programs offer additional outerwear layers for cold weather comfort and full body protection from work dangers such as arc-flashes and other fire hazards.

long hours

Day-Long Comfort

Hands-on jobs such as electricians, repairmen, and road workers often demand hard labor over long hours. Our uniforms provide extra comfort and insulation against weather to help keep your workers focused while on the job.

Flame Resistant

We know work uniforms play a crucial role in helping our clients comply with strict industry standards set by OSHA and the NFPA. Our FR uniforms can help protect your employees from on-the-job hazards and align your worker safety program with industry best practices.


For jobs that involve heavy machinery or moving vehicles, high-visibility outerwear is a must. We can help you protect workers and increase operational safety with reflective and brightly colored outerwear options that exceed ANSI employee safety standards.


Let us know the outerwear you are looking for.


We’ll put a uniform program together for you.


You’ll get a program custom fit to your needs.

What Customers Say About Our Outerwear and Coverall Rentals

“I’ve worked with larger uniform companies before, but Clean Rental is better. They provide everything from our production and maintenance uniforms to management attire and floor mats. No matter what we need, our service representative is there with answers, if not within the day, within the hour.

When we visit their plant, their staff is fully prepared with packets containing the certificates and records we need. With all I have to worry about in my job, it’s great to deal with a company that makes everything that easy.”

Plant Manager
Burlington County, New Jersey

Get rental and cleaning services for coveralls, coats, and jackets.