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“Years ago, we handled our scrub suits like most hospitals. We owned the product and contracted with a laundry service for cleaning. But, the processes had issues, particularly with inventory. There never seemed to be enough scrubs for the clinicians on a daily basis.

Clean Rental came in with a uniform rental program that was a real departure from the norm. At first, it was their personable team, their promise of excellent customer service, and great pricing that caught our attention. Eighteen years later, it’s still their personable team, their extraordinary level of customer service, and great pricing that really tells the tale.

Whatever we need, they respond, from meeting the garment handling processes mandated by our industry’s infection control policies, to eliminating our scrubs supply issue. Nearly two decades and several contract renewals later, Clean Rental is still on their toes. They NEVER take our account for granted.”

COO, Healthcare Company
Burlington County, New Jersey

“I’ve worked with larger uniform companies before, but Clean Rental is better. They provide everything from our production and maintenance uniforms to management attire and floor mats. No matter what we need, our service representative is there with answers, if not within the day, within the hour.

Every quarter, he meets directly with each of our uniformed wearers to hear and handle any questions or concerns, taking me and my time out of the equation. And when we request something new, it’s often in-stock in their warehouse so we can have it almost immediately. Or, if it’s a specialty item, they’ll bring various sizes to try before we commit to emblems or embroidery. They even come in to review our new invoice with us.

Our original driver took the time to really learn our system and our people, right down to who is wearing the uniform and where we hide the extra hangers. When a new driver transitioned to our route, he was fully oriented. All of that knowledge was passed along, making the transition seamless to us. Even our audits are easy. When we visit their plant, their staff is fully prepared with packets containing the certificates and records we need.

This week, I have a new employee starting, so I emailed my rep today. He’s dropping the new uniforms off personally this week. With all I have to worry about in my job, it’s great to deal with a company that makes everything that easy.”

Plant Manager,  Food Processing Company
Bensalem, Pennsylvania

“In addition to the expansive uniform program Clean Rental has provided us for the past decade, I recently asked them to find freezer garments – highly specialized apparel that is tough to clean. My designated contact researched my options and provided exactly what we needed. He also investigated optimal cleaning processes and implemented specific procedures at their facility to maintain the integrity of the materials.

On-site, my Clean Rental driver routinely and easily interacts with our associates and communicates their requests back to me. It’s seamless. Right down to the invoice. Anything I need, I just send an email and it’s done. I have nothing but great things to say about this company.”

HR Assistant, Food Processing Company
Conestoga, Pennsylvania

“In the pharmaceutical industry, every FDA standard must be adhered to, or the results can be catastrophic. That’s why we partner with Clean Rental. In addition to their HUBZone location that satisfies diversity spending, their team listened intently to our compliance requirements, engaged our own industry experts to audit their internal policies, invested in additional in-house training and swiftly certified that every facet of our quality control standards would be monitored and met.

When we transitioned our 70,000 garments, my dedicated contact engaged a special team to make the change swift and seamless. And since that time, they’ve provided flawless service while reducing my rental costs on a multi-million dollar contract by 43%. Clearly, switching to Clean Rental was one of the best moves we’ve made.”

Director of Technical Operations, Pharmaceutical Company
Bridgewater Township, New Jersey

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