Switching Uniform Rental Companies Has Never Been Easier!

What makes our uniform program the best?

It starts with a transition team dedicated to your account, ensuring a seamless transition from your old uniform program to a program that always puts you first.

You Get:

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TrakClean RFID garment tracking

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A dedicated uniform service rep

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Predictable flat-rate billing options

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Cleaning to your industry's standards

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Included uniform repairs and replacements

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Timely deliveries, rain or shine!

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Grade-A uniforms

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100% satisfaction

Clearly, switching to Clean Rental was one of the best moves we've made.

"When we transitioned our 70,000 garments, my dedicated contact engaged a special team to make the change swift and seamless. Since that time, they've provided flawless service while reducing my rental costs on a multi-million dollar contract by 43%."

Hear what our clients are saying!

8 Simple Steps to Switch Uniform Rental Services

From expert fittings and storage solutions to weekly deliveries, our step-by-step uniform rental transition process is easy, efficient, and organized to the very last detail!

  • 1.
    Our service team will measure each of your employees to guarantee a proper fit. We conduct these sessions around your schedule to minimize interruptions.
  • 2.
    Working with your team, we'll identify areas for locker installation and remove old storage units, if needed. We'll also make sure you have installation and ship dates within two business days.
  • 3.
    We install your lockers and label them individually. We provide an alphabetic list in locker areas to make sure employees can easily identify their space!
  • 4.
    We label each employee work uniform with name tags, your company emblem, and an easy-to-read route code.
  • 5.
    We deliver your uniforms and place them in the lockers. Each employee receives a personal locker key, and we issue a master to your company uniform administrator.
  • 6.
    To ensure a smooth transition, your dedicated Clean Rental service rep will be onsite Day One and will always remain just a phone call away to resolve any issues, should they ever occur.
  • 7.
    The Clean Rental Uniform Rental Program is now in place! At each delivery, your uniform administrator will receive a clear and detailed invoice - with no surprises!
  • 8.
    Your uniform program begins immediately and includes eco-friendly laundering and the best repair process in the industry.

Ready to switch to the best uniform rental company ever?

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