Renting vs. Buying Uniforms

How much does it cost to rent or buy employee workwear?

For businesses that rely on uniforms to protect their employees or brand image, calculating how much work uniforms will cost each year is critical to managing bottom lines. The most noticeable difference between renting and buying uniforms are the laundry services.

Renting uniforms may not be for every business, but for companies with 20+ employees or a high demand for consistently clean uniforms, the ROI from a uniform rental program can be substantial!

Includes Laundry Services


While renting uniforms, a uniform company will handle maintenance and repairs for you.


Buying uniforms requires a 3rd party laundry service or relies on employees to handle the washing and repairs.

How much do work uniforms cost?

Uniform rental programs have minimal startup costs, which makes company uniforms budget-friendly from the get-go.

Uniform Rental


Uniforms are gradually paid for at a manageable, low weekly cost with
minimal startup fees.

Uniform Purchase


Uniforms are paid for up-front and can become exponentially more
expensive with each additional garment layer.

How much does it cost to maintain employee uniforms?

Maintaining Garment Quality

DON’T STAIN YOUR REPUTATION: Purchasing uniforms means you’re on your own for repairs and washing, which can be dangerous for your brand’s image. Premium uniform rental providers automatically replace one-third of garments rented each year, while included weekly repairs keep uniforms looking like new.





Keeping Work Uniforms Clean

When buying uniforms, there are two options for keeping garments clean. Either you can provide in-house laundering or have employees wash uniforms at home. Uniform rental programs mitigate the risk of contamination and save companies from paying for and maintaining their own laundry equipment.


  • Weekly laundering is included as part of a rental program

  • Quality control processes eliminate possibilities of cross-contamination

  • Employees appreciate having fresh clean uniforms ready to wear everyday

  • Garments are automatically replaced and repaired when needed


  • Maintaining in-house laundry machines can be expensive

  • Unmaintained machines can cause fungus growth and contamination

  • Bringing workware home can increase the risk of contaminates in living and work spaces
  • Fire resistant garments can be compromised if they aren't washed properly

Costs Over Time

Maintaining purchased uniforms leads to sporadic fees for garment repairs and replacements that can quickly add up. A quality uniform rental program keeps your costs predictable, making it easy to budget and plan ahead.


The Importance of Uniforms in the Workplace

Uniform programs provide an additional layer of assurance when it comes to protecting employees, customers, and your product from hazards and contamination. Quality uniform programs ensure the integrity of your uniforms. Clean workwear is delivered weekly without holes, rips, or loose buttons.

Protecting Your Brand

Most business owners agree that uniforms say a lot about your company. 82% of businesses wear uniforms to protect their brand’s image. Rental programs provide long-term consistency, so employees are wearing Grade A uniforms all the time.


  • Credible
  • Profesional Standards
  • Easily Appoachable


  • Fading Sales
  • Lack of Care
  • Stain on Your Reputation

Advantages of Providing Uniforms to Staff


Uniforms are delivered clean and ready to wear so employees don’t have to worry each shift.


Professional laundering removes the danger of bringing workplace contaminants into the home.


Employees see uniform rental programs as a direct time-saving and monetary benefit.


Uniform programs help separate home life from work, reinforcing an “at work” mindset when uniforms are worn.

Get Into A Uniform Programs That Fits Your Business

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Custom Programs


Guaranteed Quality


Flat-Rate Billing


Predictable Costs

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