The Benefits of Employee Uniforms and Uniform Rental Services

Uniform programs pay off big for brand giants, manufacturing companies, and large businesses with public-facing employees, but what can uniforms do for your business? From healthcare to plumbing, investing in employee workwear allows you to promote a positive public perception and can also help you save on your bottom line.

So how do you know if uniforms are right for your business? Take a look at the benefits and advantages of uniforms in this guide and decide for yourself!

Are Employee Uniforms Right for Your Business?

Are the benefits of employee uniforms large enough to make the investment pay for itself in the long run? Absolutely! While uniform programs might not be for every business, for companies with 20+ employees or those with a high demand for clean uniforms, the ROI from a uniform rental program is substantial.

Many clients and customers today believe that a company is more reputable and cares about its employees if they are fully uniformed. Uniforms give customers confidence in doing business with your company and directly affects the public’s perception of employee attitude, social status, social role, work ethic, and intelligence.

To achieve the highest ROI, you should first understand all the benefits and solutions that uniforms can provide.

Five Ways Employee Uniforms Can Positively Impact Your Business


Boost Employee Morale: Uniforms provide employees with a sense of unity, which will improve internal relationships and productivity. High-quality, good looking, fashionable, and functional uniforms influence employees to maintain a positive attitude and high levels of output.


Influence Professionalism: Uniforms help employees to step into their roles. Whether your employees are in the lab, in the warehouse, in the factory, or on the casino floor, uniforms influence their behavior to be consistent with the standards and goals established by your company. Uniforms instill confidence along with high levels of credibility and responsibility.


Help Employees Save: Whether you supply uniforms or you offer your employees a discount on uniforms, uniforms will save employees money on work clothes. Employees will not need to worry about finding a way to afford appropriate high-quality clothes for work. Add on a uniform rental service, and you will also save your employees time and money on uniform cleaning.


Keep Employees Safe: The right work clothes matter when it comes to safety. Flame resistant, highly visible safety uniforms and PPE prevent injuries and accidents.


Improve Security: Uniforms help employees and management easily identify who does and does not belong on job sites or certain types of work areas.

Solutions To The Biggest Challenges With Employee Uniforms

Challenge #1: Finding the right fit

The wrong uniform will have a negative impact on your business by slowing employees down or causing hazardous working conditions.

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Proper uniform construction is key! Invest in uniforms made with fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. It’s worth it to spend a little extra money to avoid materials and construction that can cause irritation and make employees uncomfortable.

Challenge #2: Employees dislike uniforms

Some employees resist wearing uniforms due to issues with comfort or style.

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Educate employees so they fully understand the reason behind the uniform requirement and explain how uniforms benefit them.

Challenge #3: Creating a look that everyone can agree on

It’s important to create a look that everyone can feel confident in.

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Invest in a uniform that will look good on all your employees regardless of their body types. When possible offer variations on style, cut, and color for your employees to choose from and focus on year-a-round wearability. Bonus: By involving your employees in your uniform decision, you give them a sense of empowerment that will decrease levels of resistance to employee uniforms.

Challenge #4: Should you rent or buy uniforms

Determining if your company should purchase or rent uniforms.

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Grab your budget and crunch the numbers. If your priority is the short-term expenditure, purchasing uniforms are less expensive up front. Keep in mind that a uniform purchase will not include cleaning, repairs, replacements, cost-effective design options, and add-ons. Due to regulations in some industries, employees will not be able to launder their own uniforms. Be prepared – keep an extra cushion in your budget for these additional uniform ownership costs.

If your company is in a position to invest for the long-term, uniform rental is the better option. The investment beyond unit cost varies greatly between uniform providers so shop around. Read all the fine print before you sign a contract. With the right uniform rental partner, you will save more money with an all-encompassing service that includes add-ons, repairs, and replacement. Most importantly, rented uniforms keep your employees safe, comfortable, and consistently looking their best.

6 Signs of a Uniform Program That Fits


The uniform influences employees to maintain a positive attitude



The uniform accurately represents your company


The uniform accurately displays the employee’s job


The uniform provides year-a-round comfort because it’s tailored to fit and breathes easily


The uniform enhances work performance and productivity



The uniform meets industry regulations and standards

Industry Specific Uniform Benefits

Should employers provide uniforms? In many cases, the answer is yes. Businesses that require employees to work in dark or dangerous environment as well as those that come in contact with chemicals, bodily fluids, and other contaminants should provide uniforms.

Food Processing Industry

In the Food Processing Industry, employee uniforms must meet strict guidelines including protocols from the FDA, USDA, and HACCP.

Employee uniforms, combined with proper uniform laundering, can transition easily between plants and operations while preventing chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Food Processing Uniforms help companies avoid human and financial losses.

Chemical and Safety Industries

In Chemical and Safety Industries, employee uniforms ensure your company meets Federal and State regulations including OSHA requirements.

Personal Protective, Fire-Retardant, and Safety Clothing keep employees safe. When you shop, look for light-weight, comfortable, and durable Fire-Retardant uniforms with enhanced visibility. FRE uniforms are tested rigorously to ensure your employees will be protected. Personal Protective Uniforms and Equipment (PPE), lab coats, respirators, safety shoes, hard hats, gloves, aprons, and ear plugs keep employees safe when hazards cannot be removed from the work environment.

Manufacturing Industry

In the Manufacturing Industry, employee uniforms can move your company beyond blue shirts and blue pants. Employee uniforms provide choice in fit and style with well-known brands but most importantly, maximum durability.

Manufacturing uniforms keep employees comfortable and safe while maintaining a professional look.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry uniforms include scrubs, lab coats, nursing uniforms, and supplies. Healthcare uniforms help employees convey the professional appearance necessary to elicit trust from patients.

Healthcare uniforms combined with proper uniform cleaning keep employee uniforms hypoallergenic, sanitized, HEPA and hospital/bio-ready by meeting Federal and State guidelines including EPA and OSHA regulations.

Finding a Uniform Provider that Fits Your Needs

While there are challenges to implementing an employee uniform program, the benefits for employees and your company’s bottom line are worth the time it takes to research a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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