Pharmaceutical Industry Uniforms

Pharmaceutical Industry

Case Study

A Custom Coverall Solution To Meet Regulations

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company needed to ensure products were meeting the industry’s high quality standards. Keeping the product clean and free from any impurities therefore became a top priority. To accomplish this, the company wanted to change their current uniforms to a pocketless coverall that would be cleaned and individually packaged for scheduled uniform deliveries.

The Challenge

Uniform Limitations From Current Provider

The client's current uniform provider would not meet their request – the garment style was not in their catalog, and they wouldn't go through the process of individually packing the coveralls. The client needed to find another uniform vendor that would accommodate their unique uniform requirements and provide them with the custom coverall style they needed. That's when they found Clean Rental.

The Solution

Coverall Customization

Coveralls do not come pocketless, so we offered to provide coveralls that were customized to meet the client's needs. To do this, we removed and sewed shut all pockets so they were flush with the rest of the uniform. This would help to ensure nothing could fall in or out of pocketed areas on the uniforms. The company also requested specific delivery options that their previous supplier wouldn't meet. We agreed to individually pack and seal their coveralls separately from their other garments to ensure an extra level of sanitation.

The Result

Uniforms That Exceed GMP Regulations

With the help of Clean Rental, the company was able to get uniforms that exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. By supplying all of their uniform needs, Clean Rental helped the company make a smooth transition from their old uniform vending service. We continue to provide the company with new coveralls with the same custom adjustments as needed so they can continue to exceed their industry's standards.

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