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Manufacturing Industry

Case Study

A Custom Uniform For Employee Theft Prevention

A supplier of precious metals, like platinum, gold, and silver, needed a way to deter employee theft. The installation of a walk-through metal detector was a preventative measure, but for all the good it did, it caused greater complications. Due to the nature of the metal refinement work that took place at their facility, industry standards required employees to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The zippers and buttons of the uniforms contained metal, which triggered the metal detector alarms, ultimately reducing the effectiveness of the screening. In order to rectify this problem, the client began looking for a new uniform that included zero metal. Unable to find a fully nonmetal solution, they turned to Clean Rental for help.

The Challenge

Finding A Uniform With Zero Metal

Employees at the client's facility are required by industry regulations to wear protective uniforms as a part of their PPE. The metal detectors they use are extremely sensitive, so even the smallest pieces of metal are picked up – this is why the zippers had to be 100% plastic. Other uniform vendors were not able to meet the company's needs because their standard catalog options all contain some small parts of metal, whether in the buttons or zippers. These vendors were unwilling to accommodate the client with unique customization.

The Solution

Replacing Zippers On PPE Garments

Clean Rental was the only company willing to meet the metal company's unique request by offering to hand install full plastic zippers. Not just any plastic zipper would do, however, many contain small parts of metal. To make sure the new uniforms would meet our client's needs, we tested over a dozen plastic zippers using the same metal detectors used in the facility to ensure the end product would work. Once we found a quality plastic zipper with no metals, we removed the metal zippers from the client's uniforms and installed the new plastic zippers.

The Result

Quality Uniforms No One Else Would Provide

To make sure the customer was satisfied, Clean Rental went far beyond the service offerings of a typical uniform vendor. Finding and customizing features to meet a client's unique needs is not something most uniform vendors are willing to do, but we say "yes" when others say "no." Our rigorous testing process helped to ensure the new uniforms would work for the client and allow them to implement their uniforms without issue. Clean Rental continues to provide the same quality service each time the company requires a new employee uniform. The client gave us a reference to another company in pharmaceuticals who also deals with precious metals and they now use the same plastic zipper uniform solution.

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