Custom coverall work uniform solution

Food Processing Industry

Case Study

A Custom Uniform Program to Prevent Food Contamination

A large food processing client came to Clean Rental Uniforms after a bad experience with their previous uniform supplier. The uniforms the company’s employees were provided had actually caused a costly contamination. To avoid future mishaps, the client wanted to switch to a buttonless and pocketless workwear solution. Unfortunately, their current uniform provider wouldn’t meet their unique needs. That’s when Clean Rental Uniforms stepped in with a custom solution.

The Challenge

Contamination Prevention and Uniform Limitations

The client needed food processing uniforms that would prevent any future contamination and help them exceeded HACCP, FDA, and USDA regulations. Their previous uniform solution included pants that had pockets, which ultimately enabled employees to track contaminants throughout the facility. After a costly contamination, the company wanted to ensure it would never happen again.

The Solution

Pocketless and Buttonless Uniforms

When it came to choosing a new uniform provider, the client had two options they were considering. Clean Rental stepped up by offering pocketless snap front uniforms with both the color selection and branding features the client desired. We also guaranteed the fastest transition time and a seamless onboarding process so their business could continue as usual.

The Result

Reduced Contamination and Rental Costs

Clean Rental Uniforms not only helped the client by providing uniforms that surpassed the food processing industry's regulations, we also were able to reduce their rental price with a flat¯rate payment option for rentals and repairs. The food processing company no longer has to worry about their uniforms contributing towards contamination risks.

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