Uniform & Garment Selection

Uniform feature customization

Our approach to uniforms is about more than just choosing from a catalog. We know that no two companies are the same and that one uniform solution does not fit an entire industry.

Whether you have unique business processes within your industry, have work hazards specific to your company, or simply have your own vision of how you want your uniforms to look and function, we tailor every uniform program to each customer. Sometimes you need a solution that's custom fit for your business, and that's exactly what we do.

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Tell Us About Your Company

Let us know your uniform needs. We take everything into account so that we can find the perfect uniform style and features for your brand.

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Our Experts Will Find a Solution

We say yes where other uniform providers say no. We're willing to think outside of the catalog to find your perfect uniform solution.

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Get the Custom Uniform Solution You Need

We test your garments to make sure they abide by your industry's regulations and stand up to your workplace hazards.

Custom Work Uniforms Made to Fit Your Business

We listen, think creatively, and tap into our extensive network of garment manufacturers to find you the best possible uniform solution. Need a pocketless solution for garments that come standard with pockets? We do that. Need your uniforms packaged in a particular way upon delivery? We do that.

Our goal is to create a uniform program for you that will keep working for years to come. If your business adopts a new process and you need changes in your uniform, our experts are always available to help you find the right solution.

Whether it's custom uniform features or specific delivery instructions, we're ready to get you started with the uniform program you business needs.

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