Trade Service Uniforms

Trade Service Uniforms

Workwear for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Auto Repair

Keep Employees Looking Professional on the Job and in the Field

Your uniforms say a lot about you — sometimes more than you would like. Stains, rips, and wrinkles can send the wrong message. Our uniform service programs provide the cleaning and repairs you need to keep your service team looking professional while helping build your brand.

We offer custom uniform solutions that stand up to the hard work and strenuous labor the skilled trade industry demands, so your team looks sharp every day on the job. Make a great first impression and build customer trust!

Service Industries Uniforms

Customize Your Employee Uniform Program

Every service business is unique. You deserve a uniform program that fits your brand and workwear needs. We tailor our programs to your unique specifications and provide your employees with a clean, durable uniform for each day of the week.

  • Industrial coveralls
  • Denim jeans and dress pants
  • Polo shirts and office shirts
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Soil resistant apparel
  • Flame resistant apparel
  • High visibility workwear
  • Custom branding

Get Durable Uniforms for Trade Workers


Tell us about your trade service and apparel needs.


We’ll provide a quote on a program that fits your business.


Our transition team seamlessly implements your new program.

Benefits of Our Trade Service Uniform Programs

  • We use high-quality, durable garment brands
  • In-house repairs keep uniforms looking brand new
  • Keeps soiled garments out of employee homes
  • Flat-rate pricing eliminates surprises
  • Punctual uniform pick-up and delivery schedule
  • Eco-friendly washing processes
trade service uniforms

What Customers Say About Our Uniform Rental Services

“Clean Rental makes uniforms easy for my people. I don’t have to worry about my guys showing up looking anything less than professional. Their uniforms are always waiting clean and ready for them in the morning.”

– Christopher J.
Business Owner
West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dress like a trade expert. Get a quote on employee workwear today.