Service Industry Uniforms

Customer service uniforms

Uniforms say a lot about you and your brand, so it's important to have a quality uniform program in place. Our experts bring together the most innovative and cost-effective uniform programs that help to build brand image and create great first impressions for your customers.

Along with our professional cleaning, repair, and delivery services, we guarantee to keep your uniforms looking fresh and delivered on time.

Top Benefits for Service Industries

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High quality garments to help build brand image

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Professional cleaning and repairs to keep uniforms looking sharp

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Our consultants will work with you to find the perfect branded uniform solution

Keep Your Work Uniforms Looking Fresh

Business may be booming, but a uniform that's anything less than perfect can send the wrong message. To keep your uniforms like new, we pay such close attention to your uniforms and make repairs easy with our Red Tag program.

If your employee notices an issue, they simply attach our multilingual tag to the damaged garment and toss it into our bright red locker. If it's repairable, we'll fix it. If it's ready for retirement, we'll deliver a fresh uniform the following week. Even if it's not tagged, our detail-oriented staff will double-check your garments during every cleaning to help ensure your company always looks great!

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