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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Uniforms

Lab Coats, Coveralls, and Biohazard PPE for Lab Workers

Keep Your Facilities Clean and Safe with Laboratory Workwear

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries operate under strict OSHA and FDA regulations. To provide the service and uniforms our clients need, we’ve deeply invested into the research and implementation of our own in-house uniform cleaning and rental policies to match each industry’s strict regulations.

We take extraordinary steps to ensure garments are clean and free of contaminants, lint, and other hazards that could affect the integrity of your work.

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Customize Your Uniform Program

We recognize that human safety is at stake and design our programs to provide the protection necessary for employees to complete their day-to-day tasks. Our programs offer a variety of customization options to ensure the optimal fit for your company’s safety needs.

  • Coveralls and frocks
  • Chemical resistant lab coats and PPE
  • Professional wear, office shirts, dress pants
  • ESG, anti-static shirts and pants
  • Various color options
  • Custom branding

Get PPE Uniforms for Your Laboratory Professionals


Tell us about your lab safety and apparel needs.


We’ll provide a quote on a program that fits your business.


Our transition team seamlessly implements your new program.

Benefits of Our Laboratory Uniform Programs

  • OSHA and FDA compliant
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Saves employees time and money
  • Included repairs keep uniforms looking brand new
  • Brand name apparel for a high-quality look
  • Flat-rate pricing eliminates surprises
  • Punctual uniform pick-up and delivery schedule
  • Eco-friendly washing processes
Benefits of Our Laboratory Uniform Programs

What Customers Say About Our Uniform Rental Services

“In the pharmaceutical industry, every FDA standard must be adhered to, or the results can be catastrophic. That’s why we partner with Clean Rental.

Their team listened to our compliance requirements, engaged our own industry experts to audit their internal policies, invested in additional in-house training, and swiftly certified that every facet of our quality control standards would be monitored and met.”

Douglas Hanlon –  Director of Technical Operations
Bridgewater Township, New Jersey

See how we helped a pharmaceutical company meet strict regulations with a custom uniform rental program and specialty coveralls.