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 Pharmaceutical and biotechnical work uniforms

Over the years, Clean Rental has become a key uniform service partner in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. To provide the service and uniforms our clients need, we've deeply invested into the research and implementation of our own in-house uniform cleaning and rental policies to match each industry's strict regulations.

We take extraordinary steps to ensure garment sterilization and prevent and eliminate contaminants, lint, and other hazards that could affect the integrity of your work. We also recognize that human safety is at stake and provide employees the protection necessary to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Top Benefits for Pharma/Biotech

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Guaranteed to meet OSHA and FDA regulations

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High-quality professional lab coats and personal protective equipment

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Cleaning and packaging services that eliminate workplace contamination issues

"In the pharmaceutical industry, every FDS standard must be adhered to, or the results can be catastrophic. That's why we partnered with Clean Rental. In addition to their HUBZone location that satisfies diversity spending, their team listened intently to our compliance requirements engaged our own industry experts to audit their internal policies, invested in additional in-house training and swiftly certified that every facet of our quality control standards would be monitored and met. When we transitioned our 70,000 garments, my dedicated contact engaged a special team to make the change swift and seamless. Since that time, they've provided flawless service while reducing my rental costs on a multi-million dollar contract by 43%. Clearly, switching to Clean Rental was one of the best moves we've made."

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