Industrial PPE Workwear

Manufacturing uniforms and workwear

Manufacturing uniforms are not just basic blues anymore, but rather encompass a wide range of durable industrial work apparel and PPE. To fit the needs of our clients, we never limit anyone to just a catalog. Instead, we work with countless garment manufacturers to provide an unparalleled selection of sturdy and comfortable uniforms for even the toughest manufacturing and industrial jobs.

We also look outside of our catalog when workplace hazards require custom uniform features to protect your employees. With our rental services, you get exactly what you need, delivered consistently, every week, on time.

Top Benefits for Manufacturers

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Meet industry regulations and standards

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Flatline billing options available for predictable invoices

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It's easy to add new employees to your program

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Get the personal protective equipment your employees need

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Our Red Tag repair labeling program ensures your uniforms get the timely repairs they need

Keep Your Industrial Workwear Clean and Damage Free

From our state-of-the-art water softeners, special soil release technology, and extra-large water heaters to our hypoallergenic millennium 2000 detergent, our cleaning process protects your organization and the environment. Clean Rental offers more than 30 different wash formulas that consider uniform color, fabric, and degree of soil.

In addition, we take special care to check for damaged work apparel. With our Red Tag program, any tagged garments are sent to garment repair and returned the following week with no disruption to your work processes. It's the very best in comprehensive uniform services!

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