Hospitality Work Uniforms

Hospitality and hotel uniforms

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, image is everything. You need your employees to look great all the time. We work with countless garment manufacturers to seek out the best quality uniforms that can withstand the demands of the service industry.

Whether it's image-building hotel uniforms, stain-resistant waitress uniforms, maintenance, casino, or kitchen attire, we'll provide exactly the features and uniform style you need.

Top Benefits for Hospitality & Gaming

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Our experts will help you put together a uniform solution that makes your brand stand out

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We'll keep your uniforms looking fresh with our high quality cleaning process

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Our Red Tag repair labeling program ensures your uniforms get the timely repairs they need

Professional Looks are Crucial to Your Business's Success

Your industry demands efficiency and professionalism. That's why we make uniforms easy for you and your employees. From our state-of-the-art laundering process to our exceptional delivery, we ensure your uniforms are fresh, clean, and delivered on time.

Our uniform rental program keeps your employees looking sharp. Each week, fresh garments will be delivered by our experienced drivers. Garments are repaired quickly and you won't experience any surprise fees. With our multilingual Red Tag system, your employees can easily identify essential repairs. Damaged garments with tags are placed in a designated red locker, where they are picked up and transferred in a red bag to our facility. Garments are immediately repaired or replaced and sent back to your facility the following week.

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