Food Processing Uniforms

Food Processing Uniforms

HACCP Compliant Workwear for Food Handlers

Protect Your Product and Employees with Food Safety Uniforms

Businesses in the food processing industry must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines. Our food safety uniform programs help you stay compliant with the FDA and USDA, particularly the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point initiative (HACCP).

As the uniform service partner to many food processing manufacturers, we’re experts in providing seamless transitions from plant to plant, operation to operation. We take extraordinary steps to prevent and eliminate cross contamination throughout our garment cleaning process.

Food Production Uniforms

Customize Your Food Processing Uniform Program

Every food manufacturing company has different processes and standards. We’ll make sure your uniform program fits perfectly with your unique process and fits seamlessly into your operations.

  • Pocketless shirts and pants
  • Snap-front, buttonless shirts
  • Chef wear and kitchen apparel
  • Lab coats, butcher coats, and food safety PPE
  • Alternate uniform colors for job role identification

Get Food Processing Uniforms for Your Employees


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Benefits of Our Food Safety Uniform Programs

  • Helps align operations with FDA and USDA standards
  • Complies with HACCP regulation
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Keeps work contaminates out of employee’s homes
  • Programs are specifically tailored for food applications
  • Established uniform pick-up and delivery schedule
  • Specially formulated detergents for removing bio hazards
  • Eco-friendly washing processes
Benefits of Our Food Safety Uniform Programs

What Customers Say About Our Uniform Rental Services

“In addition to the expansive uniform program Clean Rental has provided us for the past decade, I recently asked them to find freezer garments — highly specialized apparel that is tough to clean.

My designated contact researched my options and provided exactly what we needed. He also investigated optimal cleaning processes and implemented specific procedures at their facility to maintain the integrity of the materials. I have nothing but great things to say about this company.”

– Melissa Shirk
HR Assistant, Turkey Hill Dairy
Conestoga, Pennsylvania

See how we helped a large food processing company transition to HACCP compliant uniforms.