Promote pride and responsibility in your workplace with company uniforms!

Often when people think of work uniforms, benefits such as branding, compliance with regulations, and sanitation come to mind. It may not be immediately obvious, but the effect of uniforms can be so much more. Putting on a uniform builds a relationship between the business and the employee – employees take on the persona of your brand and represent who you are as a company. This instills employees with a sense of responsibility towards your company, and because uniforms symbolize a level of professionalism within the business, workers are likely to have more pride in what they do.

Whether you are looking to implement company uniforms for the first time or are looking to improve the impact of your current uniforms, here are ways in which uniforms promote pride and responsibility:

Building a Greater Employee Relationship to the Brand

When employees have a better relationship with their company, they’re more likely to feel responsible about how their actions reflect on the business. When creating a look for your brand, dress codes and uniform policies are two options for standardizing the appearance of your workers. Dress codes establish what types of garments are appropriate to wear, but they don’t provide employees with company-branded garments. Dress codes often enforce a specific color of shirt and style of pants. However, what you end up getting is a mismatch of different looks, with no one quite matching or truly representing an image of the brand. With a dress code, your employees are missing out on the unity and teamwork created through uniforms.

A uniform policy, on the other hand, is all about employees working as a team, being responsible for what they do, and representing your brand. It helps individuals live, breathe, and have pride in what they do. Two major features you’ll want your uniforms to include are:

  1. Primary brand coloring. Having employees match in color makes them easier to identify – by each other and by the customer. It makes your employees as a whole stand out as responsible members of a unified team.
  2. Visible company logo. The logo serves to remind everyone who’s team you are on (the company you represent). Employees will be more likely to put their best efforts forward knowing that they are responsible for their actions which reflect on to their team and workplace.

Providing employees with uniforms that truly make them feel like representatives of your company can make a world of difference. Matching uniforms, brand logos, and brand colors all create the vision of being a team and makes the employee’s representation of the brand that much more apparent. Like a sports team or club, matching uniforms drive a greater sense of unity, pride, and responsibility.

Establishing Workplace Professionalism

You trust your employees, so your customers should too. Customers place greater trust in workers with uniforms. That’s because uniforms symbolize an expected level of expertise. Often a manager’s or doctor’s uniform is different from their subordinates’ uniforms. An organization may also have different colored uniforms represent an employee’s responsibilities and expertise in a specific department. If you have a selective hiring process, the employees you hire have earned your trust to wear your uniforms, and they should feel a sense of responsibility and pride towards your company while wearing them.

Implement Work Uniforms Your Employees Can Be Proud to Wear

Simply having uniforms will not automatically make your employees feel responsible for your company’s image or have pride in it. They will, however, help you build the necessary work culture that promotes both pride and responsibility (check out these 6 corporate strategies uniforms support). If you’re looking to boost your employees’ level of pride and responsibility in the workplace, Clean Rental can help! Contact us today!

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