If you’re looking for ways to improve your workplace, you may be considering a uniform program. Why have company uniforms? Uniforms are sometimes required due to regulations, but organizations institute uniforms for a variety of reasons.

Distinctive, standardized clothing worn by workers helps to establish your brand, and it definitely helps to build a sense of unity among teams. While it can be a challenge to get employees to see these benefits, once they are on board, they will most likely prefer a uniform system.

Communication is the most effective way to make employees more receptive to the importance of uniforms at work. You just need to show employees how uniforms are a good thing for them individually in addition to the company as a whole. Here are 4 tangible ways company uniforms benefit your employees that you can use as examples.

1. Employees won’t have to think about what to wear anymore

It’s a fact of life: time is limited, and deciding what to wear takes valuable time. To some employees, it’s obvious why uniforms would make their lives easier, but others who like to define their style through clothing aren’t so easily convinced. Still, over time, many of them will likely see that it’s just simpler when you don’t have to decide on a different outfit every day of the work week. Thinking about clothing uses up your mental resources in the morning and can be a distraction. Even employees who like the possibilities of fashion may be happy to save a little extra time.

2. They’ll save costs on clothing and laundry

Buying new clothes to wear to work every day and then washing those clothes costs employees time as well as money, whether on laundromats, dry cleaning, or detergent and energy. The cost of purchasing clothes will be higher for the employee if you already have a dress code that requires them to wear clothing they wouldn’t otherwise buy.  Plus, different employees have different resources, and some may feel insecure if they can’t afford the name brand clothing others wear. If you institute a uniform program, you can work with a uniform rental company that both provides clothing for your employees and launders it.

3. Customers will trust and respect them more

Uniforms establish trust and professionalism with customers, making them more likely to interact positively with employees. Most employees would prefer to be treated with respect, especially if building a rapport with customers will help employees build pride in their work because they are representing the brand. This is most relevant in customer service industries, but it’s true across the board that anyone who sees your employees is likely to interact with them differently if they’re wearing company uniforms.

4. If they work in potentially hazardous conditions, they’ll be safer

If you’re instituting a uniform program to comply with regulations enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or otherwise address safety and health concerns, chances are there’s a good reason for it, and your employees understand their job comes with risks. If they don’t, educate them. Make it clear to your employees that the uniform program isn’t just about reducing liability for the company; it’s about keeping them safe and sanitary.

Employees will adjust to company uniforms with time

A uniform policy may take some getting used to, but if employees are aware of the benefits, the transition will be easier. Just make sure you remain open with employees so they fully understand what will change and how the program will work. The team building and improved company morale that you’re hoping to see will come in time.

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