flame resistant uniforms

Fire causes thousands of on-the-job clothing-related employee injuries each year, and many are preventable by ensuring employees have clothing that keeps them safe. Employers have a responsibility to provide employees with flame-retardant clothing (FRC), which is quite literally an employee lifesaver.

In addition to reducing burn injuries, flame retardant clothing provides employees with the opportunity to escape hazardous situations, increasing the chance of survival. While flame resistant clothing comes at a premium price, it’s worth the investment to reduce lost production time and lost money from insurance fees and lawsuits. Let’s review how to determine whether you need flame retardant uniforms and how to find the right solution.

When is flame retardant clothing the right fit?

Flame retardant clothing is commonly needed in a variety of job settings, including pharmaceutical plants, refineries, electric utility lines, food processing plants, and more. Your company needs flame retardant clothing if any of your employees work around hazardous conditions such as electric arcs, flash fire, combustible dust explosions, and molten chemicals.

There are specific requirements and laws in place that OSHA enforces, making it imperative that your company follow all regulations with regards to safety and proper uniforms. When you follow your industry’s best practices, your company can benefit from improved employee morale, safer employees, and reduced liabilities.  

Finding out what kind of FRC your workplace requires

If you’re unsure whether your employees are wearing the proper uniforms for your work environment, it’s necessary to conduct an Environmental Risk Assessment. A Risk Assessment enables you to measure your work environment’s potential incident energy and determine whether your job requires personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes flame retardant clothing.  Higher risk jobs require employees to wear a double layer switching coat and flame retardant pants.


The protection capabilities of a garment are rated by their arc thermal protection value (ATPV). The higher the number, the more protection your employees will have, so if you work in a dangerous environment, a greater ATPV is required.

To determine which category your work conditions fall under and what arc rating your uniforms must have, it’s best to use use a third party or an internal resource that can use NFPA 70E formulas to perform your analysis.

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