Risk Management: How Company Uniforms Decrease Incidents

Risk management poses itself as a big issue for many companies. Often, when facilities have high rates of injury, their turnover rates tend to be high; plus, they have fewer resources because of costs spent dealing with incidents. This can make companies hesitant to invest their limited resources in new solutions.

However, the right uniform design can go a long way to decreasing the risk of accidents and can be a good long-term investment. Here are some of the many ways your uniform design can help with risk management.

Uniforms protect employees from hazards and your business from liabilities.

Depending on your company’s work environment, meeting certain NFPA and OSHA regulations may be required. Even when it’s not mandated, it may be best to prioritize safety with your uniform design. Employees with exposure to electrical hazards typically require a company uniform design with fire resistant clothing rather than standard garments. Loose clothing, one of the most common safety concerns, is an issue when working around machinery.

Using a uniform provider can help keep your employees wearing properly fitted clothing. Pocketless uniforms prevent dangerous substances from getting inside clothing and also act as a deterrent for theft.

Preventing accidents will not only save companies money on accident investigation, it will also prevent having to spend more on insurance, employee training, and even government fines. Ultimately, businesses who protect their employees also help to protect themselves.

Company uniform programs ensure a sanitary work environment.

Your current work uniforms might not be as sanitary as you think. Are employees taking their uniforms home to wash themselves? This can cause two major issues:

  • Your employees are at risk of introducing unwanted chemicals into their homes.
  • Their uniforms may still be unsanitary, contaminating the work environment with unintended bacteria and substances.

This can be a big issue for healthcare, food processing, manufacturing, and chemical industries. Using a uniform program that provides and washes employee uniforms can help guarantee that your uniforms meet your industry’s standard and prevent future contamination issues and hazards.

Distinct uniform designs make your organization more structured—and safer.

When it’s easy to identify who is an employee and who is a visitor, or who works in a certain department and who doesn’t, the workplace becomes a lot more structured. You can quickly identify when someone is where they shouldn’t be and prevent an incident. Here are some company uniform design ideas:

  • Use different uniforms based on job position. This will also help indicate where employees belong within your facility.
  • Use bright colors to make employees more visible especially in places where heavy machinery is common.
  • Add your branding on uniforms to help distinguish employees from visitors.

Implementing these different uniform ideas can help increase the general awareness of your employees and reduce rates of incidents.

Investing in Uniform Design

Employee safety is only one of many benefits to implementing company uniforms. Investing in a uniform design will not only help reduce costs of injuries but will also help you meet your industry’s safety standards and reduce your company’s liability. If your employees are prone to risk, a uniform provider may be able to help you figure out a design that helps address issues in your workplace.

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