Workwear Company Branding

Creating a strong and positive brand image is difficult, so managing how people view your company should always be a top priority. For business owners and brand managers asking themselves, “How can I protect my brand’s image?” providing workwear for your employees can be helpful, but it’s not just about having a consistent look for your company. Employees need to look the part and be approachable. When deciding on workwear solutions for your company, you have the following options:

  • Implement a dress code
  • Provide your own garments
  • Partner with a uniform rental service

As you choose, consider how effective each option will be for maintaining a consistent brand image. A dress code may seem simple, but it can easily become complicated with conflicting interpretations of your policy. Providing your own garments can help control the appearance of your employees, but it doesn’t guarantee they’ll remain clean and looking like-new. Your best option for consistency is to partner with a uniform service provider who will provide, clean, and maintain employee workwear for you.

Here are three of the primary brand image benefits that a premier uniform rental company can provide:

1) A Brand Image That Makes Employees Approachable

Your employees should always look the part and fit the experience you want your brand’s image to create. Partnering with a uniform service provider can help you accomplish that. When you sign up for a uniform program, your provider should help you find the perfect solution for your brand’s vision. This includes the style of the garments, proper fittings, and weekly cleanings—all of which help to give your employees a professional, clean, and approachable look.

Stained, wrinkled, and baggy clothing can say negative things about your image and will limit your employees’ approachability. A quality uniform rental company can ensure your employees represent your company’s brand image well by providing properly fitted, clean workwear for every day of the week.

2) Durable Employee Workwear Backed by Guaranteed Repairs

With a uniform provider, keeping workwear in top shape is an easy way to meet your company’s brand guidelines. As you select company uniforms, you should choose garments that are durable enough for the type of work your employees do. Your uniform provider should have recommendations for you. Even still, workwear can get snagged on corners, worn out, and torn, and that can affect your employee and company image. You’ll want to have a plan in place for when damages occur, and that’s where your uniform rental provider steps in. While your uniform vendor should provide repairs, you will want to make sure they are included. Otherwise, you could end up paying surprise fees.

Not all repair programs are created equal, and some are much better than others. Clean Rental offers a “Red Tag, Red Bag” repair program that streamlines repairs and is included as part of customers’ flat-rate uniform rental contracts. Using multilingual red tags makes it easy for your employees to mark garments in need of repair. Clean Rental will then pick up, repair (or replace), and return your garments the next delivery day. It’s a great solution to ensure your work uniforms are always in perfect shape and positively reflecting your employee and company image.

3) Custom Workwear Solutions for Unique Company Processes

A quality uniform program is more than just company garments with a slapped on logo. Before you decide on a final uniform solution for your company, make sure the garments and uniform provider you choose can support all your needs. Safety, branding, and any other workwear features important to your business processes should all be accounted for. You uniform solution should provide all the features necessary to make your employees’ jobs as easy and comfortable as possible.

Here are some examples of companies that needed custom uniform solutions:

If you have an idea of how uniforms can positively impact your business processes and brand image, let your vendor know and they should help to find a solution that fits your vision.

Finding the Right Workwear Provider to Protect Your Brand

If you want to protect your company’s brand image, opting in to a uniform rental program is the best way to go. Uniform providers help to give companies like yours a greater level of consistency when it comes to employee appearance. Clean Rental, a leading provider of uniform rental services and custom workwear solutions, has helped thousands of companies from all industries. Our uniform experts understand the ins-and-outs of industry regulations and will work with your to find the best uniform solution.

Unsure if your business needs uniforms? Check out this infographic that breaks down why top business decision makers are using uniforms.

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