Prevent work injuries with company uniforms that account for PPE.

Businesses involved in manual labor industries need to help protect their employees from overexertion. Exertion injuries become all too common when proper lifting and moving techniques aren’t used. This problem, however, becomes compounded when the right tools aren’t provided – and that includes supplying employees with the proper uniforms for the job.

For the same reason companies provide training for proper lifting techniques, taking the next step and providing uniforms made for exertion can further help in reducing workplace injuries. When looking for the best uniform solution to prevent workplace injuries, you should focus on these three aspects:

1) The Uniform’s Fit

When fitting uniforms for your employees, you should keep in mind the types of exertion prevention equipment they may be using, such as a support belt or extra padded boots. Shirts and pants should be fitted appropriately to account for the additional space that personal protective equipment (PPE) may take up. If you’re partnered with a uniform provider, make sure they understand the PPE that your employees will be using and that they account for it while fitting employees for uniforms.

2) Types of Fabric Used

Improper lifting and movement techniques are not the only cause of overexertion. Working in warm or even in cold environments while wearing uniforms that are too heavy can cause employees to overheat and suffer heat exhaustion. When selecting garments for your uniforms keep in mind the environment your employees will be working in. For warm work areas, you may want to consider uniforms that include more mesh materials. For colder facilities, you should have the option of a removable layer. Based on your work environment, a quality uniform provider should be able to put together the perfect uniform solution for you.

3) Garment Flexibility and Durability

Not only should your uniform solution use the appropriate materials for your work environment – it should also be flexible enough to allow for exertion movements, yet durable enough to keep up with the hard work your employees do. Stiff garments can prevent employees from comfortably moving especially while wearing additional PPE. High quality uniforms should provide adequate flexibility for bending and lifting. The durability the garments should also be able to withstand constant manual labor and multiple washes.

Implementing a Uniform Initiative to Prevent Workplace Injuries

If you currently have a uniform provider, you should consult your primary contact for ways which your uniforms could be made more accommodating for the type of labor your workers do. For those looking to get started with a uniform program, you should look for a uniform service provider that will go above and beyond to find the perfect uniform solution for your business.

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