Uniform rental program wash method causes issues with employees

Many companies sign on for uniform programs because they understand that, regardless of their industry, looks matter in business. Unfortunately, many get burned by uniform rental and cleaning services that just aren’t up to snuff. If you’re locked into a long-term contract with a company that can’t satisfy your business’s needs, you already know what it’s like.

Your company committed to a monthly fee and in return you expected fresh, clean, wrinkle-free uniforms delivered weekly–uniforms that positively reflected your brand, helped customers easily identify employees, instilled pride in employees, and fostered a professional work environment. But if you aren’t getting the service you thought you signed up for, you’re not going to see these benefits. So, what should your business do?

Problems with your uniform provider: Are they really that bad?

Signs your uniform provider is missing the mark include repeated instances of repairs, replacements, and size changes. Maybe the materials just aren’t holding up in your work environment. Maybe the company lets your special requests fall to the wayside rather than working with you to find a custom solution. Yet you’re locked into the contract, so you just have to accept the shoddy service, right?

Well, let’s think about uniforms from your customers’ point of view. How does it make your business look if your uniforms aren’t in top shape?

  • Faded colors = Fading sales
  • Frayed hems = Operations unraveling
  • Stains = Stains on your reputation

It may seem silly at first, but this is human psychology. Customers will make snap judgments about your business based on what they see, and perception is important for customer satisfaction.

Making your uniform company work for you

During your uniform service contract, you may be left with no alternative but to keep a watchful eye on your current vendor to ensure your uniforms stay looking good. If you fail to keep up appearances, the reputation of your company could suffer.

What’s the solution? Work with your uniform provider to get the service you deserve. You invested in your uniform program, so your uniform provider should be willing to invest in new uniforms.

Many companies give their uniforms a life expectancy. That means if it needs to be replaced before expected, you’ll be the one footing the bill, yet there are many factors that influence the condition of your uniforms, such as the work environment of your workers. Your garments shouldn’t have a life expectancy. Next time you search for a uniform company, find one that will automatically replace your uniforms as needed (for no extra cost to you) rather than refusing to replace them until their life expectancy is up. Don’t let uniforms become a burden on your time and budget.

Learn from others’ uniform vendor experiences

Before you sign on to your next uniform vendor, make sure you do your homework. Take the recent occurrence at American Airlines for example. In this case, the supplied uniforms had flight attendants complaining about health problems caused by washing methods that didn’t hold up to industry standards. To avoid a similar situtation, make sure you ask for references to go along with your own research online.

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