How to Get Your Employees on Board with a New Uniform Policy

If you’ve decided to institute a new employee uniform policy, you naturally want the transition to be a success.

Many employees, however, fear or dislike the idea of change. Others just dislike the idea of uniforms.

Whether you’re updating your current uniforms or implementing uniforms for the first time, you’re going to need a strategy to win over these individuals. Here’s how to get your employees on board with a new policy:

Listen to employee input

If you’re still in the beginning stages of determining your new uniform policy, it may be a good idea to ask employees what they think. Depending on the size of your company, you can either hold a meeting with department leaders or talk directly to the employees. Consider asking questions like:

  • How do employees feel about their current uniforms or current dress code?
  • What changes to the uniform would make it more functional for the jobs they do?
  • Do they feel safe and protected while wearing their uniforms?
  • Are employees comfortable in their workwear?

Allowing employees to have input on new uniform policies lets them know their voices are being heard and brings awareness to the upcoming policy change. Plus, you may become aware of better ideas or alerted about current issues that need to be addressed.

Disclose changes in the new uniform policy to employees

Many people dislike change, especially when it comes as a surprise. Before you implement a new uniform policy, make sure employees know about its agreements and responsibilities.

Companies that try to enforce new policies before informing all employees often find themselves dealing with greater resistance and an exasperating transition. Your uniform policy should be distributed to all employees and also appear in an employee handbook.

If the policy isn’t clear and employees aren’t sure what to do, your policy is unlikely to succeed.

Communicate the benefits of uniforms to your employees

Clarifying the specifics of the policy is highly important, but on its own may not be enough to win over employees who dislike change or uniforms altogether. These people will need to be convinced. To do this, it’s important to convey to your employees why uniforms are necessary (such as laws or safety regulations). Let them know how the uniform will impact their jobs directly and the benefits it provides. Everyone needs to understand why uniforms are good for the company and good for them individually.

While it may take people who are new to uniforms some time to adjust, many people who have already experienced a uniform program tend to find it convenient.

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Transitioning to a new uniform policy

The transition isn’t yet complete on the first day employees wear their new uniforms. Especially during the initial setup, you should continuously listen for feedback from employees on how they feel about the uniforms and policy’s rules so you can address any changes that need to be made. Your uniform provider should be helpful throughout this entire process. If employees are experiencing issues with their new uniforms, your uniform rental company should be happy to help you make modifications.

As long as you listen to employee feedback and communicate clearly about your uniform policy, the transition can be smooth, and doubters will grow accustomed to their new uniforms in no time.

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