Get the Most Out of Your Uniform Rental Company

Whether you have questions, complaints, or changes that need to be made, your uniform rental company should be more than willing to work with you—and you should be willing to work with them! What isn’t brought to attention will always go unheard. So, to get the most value out of your service, don’t be timid in asking for additional customization or services!

Reporting Damaged or Missing Uniforms

When receiving and trading in uniforms for cleaning, it’s not impossible for damages or lost garments to occur whether it’s your fault or that of the vendor. While your vendor should guarantee quality inspection of all garments, when dealing with larger quantities, it’s possible that a uniform may be returned below your standards. If this occurs, your uniform vendor should be able to correct the issue in a timely manner.
If one of your employees loses or damages their uniform, your vendor should be just as quick to help you get a replacement. Many vendors provide a tagging system for employees to mark and make note of any damages or missing garments that need to be replaced. If your vendor provides a tagging system, make sure your employees are using it.

Add Additional Customization to Your Uniform

Is there something about your current uniforms that needs to be changed? Maybe you want to add branding to your uniforms! Or, perhaps your business is providing a new service that requires additional uniform compliances to meet industry regulations. As businesses grow, their needs can change. Whatever the need may be, your uniform provider should be able to customize your uniforms to meet all of your requirements. Even after your initial uniform customization, garments can be updated with brand logos, embroidery, reflective striping, and many other features.
If your uniforms are causing complications with certain jobs or need to meet new standards, bring this to the attention of your vendor—you might need new custom uniforms using different materials and your vendor should be able to give you new ideas. Quality vendors are very attentive of their clients’ needs, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Reviewing Your Contract

If you’re unhappy with your services, have unanswered complaints, and have tried to work with your vendor, review your contract and make sure they’re holding up their end of the deal. Working with a uniform vendor should be like a partnership, they should want to look out for your best interest. If they aren’t holding up their end of the contract, you may be able to get out of it and switch to another vendor. However, if you’re asking for services or customizations your vendor doesn’t offer, you’re probably out of luck until the contract expires. This is why it’s important to thoroughly analyze your contract before signing, making sure your vendor will be able to provide the services you need as your business grows.

Making Sure Your Vendor is Right for You

Regardless of if you’re already in a contract or not, you should make sure the rental company you’re with or considering can meet your business’s specific uniform requirements. Unsure of what makes a uniform vendor a quality provider? Check out the three most important qualities of a uniform vendor here! Have industry specific uniform questions or curious about what garments a quality vendor can supply? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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