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Increasing worker productivity is much more than equipping employees with garments that allow them to better complete their jobs. Features like fire and shock protection, waterproofing, chemical resistance, and custom fitting are all very important, but they should already be included if your industry requires them. Uniforms that truly improve worker productivity do so by creating a better work environment and company culture. Here are three ways in which your uniforms can increase worker productivity:

3 Ways Employee Uniforms Increase Productivity

1. Establish a Work “Frame of Mind”

If your company currently uses a casual dress code or a relaxed style of work uniforms, you may want to consider tightening up and looking more professional if work progress seems to be slacking. Often when employees wear a similar outfit at work as they would at home, it can cause a distraction as workers never fully transition into work mode, rather staying in relax or play mode. Conversely, having casual or relaxed uniforms at work can create a 24/7 work mode feeling even when at home, which can add unintentional stress for your workers. Neither of these options are great for productivity. To promote a better work environment and company culture, customizing clean cut uniforms that employees can look and feel good in will help get them into that working mindset rather than having that mindset permeate into their personal lives.

2. Eliminate Social Barriers

Employees should feel comfortable working together regardless of their background. Casual dress codes often don’t address this issue; rather, they have a greater chance of causing them. With company uniforms, however, you can remove the need for individualized clothing along with the social issues a casual dress code can cause. Removing the need for individualized outfits by implementing company uniforms will help contribute to healthier peer relationships by eliminating social barriers and lead to a better, more productive work environment. Having work uniforms will help build team unity rather than having a policy that can create judgment in the workplace. In addition, customers will have similar first impressions of all your employees. When selecting your uniform style and features, make sure your employees will look like a true team.

3. Create a Positive Perception

From a social or psychological perspective, work uniforms can be used as a way to steer the perception customers have of your staff, in turn affecting the way your employees perceive themselves. There’s a reason for the saying “dress for success.” Dressing your employees in a professional style uniform rather than casual is more likely to give off the impression of authority and knowledge. When your customers trust your employees’ knowledge, your employees gain more confidence in themselves, making them more productive. Employees will also feel more trusting towards each other to hold up their end of the work.

Company Uniform Ideas for Improving Productivity: By Industry

When selecting your uniforms, it’s important to make them represent the characteristics you want your company to have. Want to make your salesforce look more friendly and approachable? Use bright colors with a more business casual look. For something more professional, make sure you have a fitted style with more subtle colors. Even flame and shock resistant garments can be made to promote greater productivity using the right style and features. Here are some ideas to help guide you depending on the industry you’re in:

  • Healthcare: Using branded company colored scrubs as opposed to plain scrubs helps to influence a greater perception of company culture and pride. They also help to make patients feel more comfortable and more trusting of your staff.
  • Hospitality: If your business has a particular theme and is in a tourist heavy area, consider styling your uniforms based off that theme. Not all fancy hotels need button-down shirt, red-vested bellhops. Use garments that will match your atmosphere and theme. This idea can be applied to restaurants as well. Using uniforms in this way will help to create a fun atmosphere and help to influence your employees to be more active and engaging.
  • Manufacturing: Even if your employees aren’t working directly with customers, using uniforms can be beneficial to establishing a strong teamwork culture. If you have different departments, use different colored uniforms for each team, but include the same branding on all of them.
  • Retail: Have workers wear company colors and logos in professional looking polos and comfortable khakis. You may want to dress more up or down depending on the types of products you’re selling and your targeted consumer base.
  • Pharma/Biotech: You may want to keep the professionalism by using plain colored lab clothes, but using company logos is a great reminder that everyone is a part of the same team.

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