Comparing Top Uniform Rental Companies

In the search to find the best uniform rental company, chances are you’ve come across a number of national multi-service providers that offer uniform rentals among a list of other services. While initial searches may lead you to large multi-service providers, it’s often the more localized uniform companies that are willing to fit their programs to your business’ unique needs.

Clean Rental Uniforms is a Philadelphia-based uniform rental company serving businesses throughout and near the Delaware Valley area. With over 90 years of service, Clean Rental has become a top uniform rental company in the United States by focusing on custom uniform solutions. So how do more localized uniform service companies like Clean Rental stack up against national multi-service providers?

Clean Rental Washes Away the Competition

While large multi-service providers like to upsell programs, cross-sell services, and nickel and dime you on every invoice, Clean Rental focuses on customer retainment and satisfaction. This means personally getting to know you, your company, and what you need to make your uniform program simple. On top of that, multi-service providers have more than just uniforms to worry about, which may not even be their top priority.

Here are five ways Clean Rental simply beats the rest:

1.  Upfront Set Pricing

Be aware of hidden fees and what exactly your vendor is charging you for. Many uniform service providers tack on extra fees for weekly garment repairs and replacements. Clean Rental offers upfront set pricing, so you know what to expect. We even include our Red Tag program, which covers the cost of uniform maintenance and guarantees the integrity of your uniforms every week.

2.  Long-Term Program Costs

A contract standard for most multi-service providers allows the vendor to raise prices ~6% annually and between invoices whenever they see fit. If you’re currently in a contract, you may have already experienced this. Clean Rental’s mission is to provide seamless rental programs that make uniforms simple for your business. That means straightforward contracts with no surprise price hikes.

3.  Uniform Selection & Program Customization

It’s not uncommon for uniform rental companies to push certain uniform solutions as the right fit for your company even though they don’t suit your needs. That’s simply because it’s cheaper for your provider to give all clients a similar workwear solution. At Clean Rental, we understand people want more than the basic blues and that all companies have their own unique needs.

Take a look at the custom uniform solutions we provided for these Industrial and Food Processing companies.

4.  Uniform Quality Depreciation

While some uniform providers think it’s OK to return uniforms in less than new or like-new condition, Clean Rental replaces anything that is less than grade A. We created the easiest and most efficient repair process in the industry, the Red Tag program. If your uniform is less than perfect, tag it and we’ll mend it like-new again or replace it at no additional cost to your plan.

Other vendors try to get more than four years out of their uniforms. Every uniform Clean Rental provides will be as good as the first one issued. That’s our guarantee.

5.  Dedicated Client Service Teams

A common complaint clients have with multi-service providers is the lack of quality and consistent professional support. We believe our onsite service should be as impeccable as your uniforms. We make a strong effort to hire great people, noncommissioned drivers with years of industry experience—true professionals with the knowledge, authority, and time to get things done. No upselling or cross-selling. No unnecessary pressure. Just professional uniform service at its best.

Choosing the Best Uniform Rental Company

Whether or not Clean Rental is in your service area, it’s important to find a provider whose uniform program will complement your business seamlessly. There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in a contract, and that can happen if your provider is not up to snuff.

Need a uniform rental program with straightforward contracts, professionals who care, and uniforms that fit your needs? Clean Rental provides uniform services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Give us a call today and discover what a premier uniform provider can do for you!