Develop a better company culture and brand image with uniforms!

The value of a good company culture cannot be overstated. Company culture helps to drive greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction, but creating and building up a quality culture can be difficult. A large part of successfully building culture is through creating a team environment and by having employees attach themselves to your brand. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of branded uniforms.

A university study published by Cornell Hospitality Quarterly researched the effects uniforms have on employee attitudes towards their job, levels of satisfaction, and overall job performance. Results showed that employees who enjoy wearing their uniforms had both better attitudes and higher job satisfaction, ultimately leading them to put forth greater levels of performance. All of this in turn helps to promote a positive work environment and a great company culture. So, how can you build up a great company culture with branded uniforms? In this post, we’ll break down the strategy behind creating uniforms that promote company culture and productivity.

3 Things to Consider When Strategizing Your Uniform Selection

Uniforms are a powerful tool, and their appearance can positively or negatively impact employees’ attitudes. This makes it important to create uniforms that they will be comfortable in and proud to wear. While bright and exciting designs may be fun, they can make employees self-conscious, causing guest interactions to be more difficult. A uniform that doesn’t function well or looks bad will negatively impact an employee’s perception of the job and company culture. You will want to make sure your uniforms put employees in a relevant and positive state of mind for the task at hand. When choosing the style of your uniforms, include input from your employees—after all, they’re the ones who will be wearing and working in them. Knowing that their input has been taken into consideration will make employees feel more involved and attached to the brand. When deciding on the look and style of your uniforms, these are the three areas you will want to consider:

1.  Appearance

Focusing on your uniform’s appearance will help create a positive impression between employees as equals and impact how customers perceive them.

  • Color: Simple solid colors are often best, however themed restaurants and hotels can reasonably stray from solids as long as employees don’t feel ridiculous wearing them.
  • Materials: The look and feel of fabric and make a huge difference. High-quality garments will make employees look and feel more professional.
  • Fit: Properly fitted uniforms create a clean-cut and respectable look.

2.  Function

Uniforms need to be functional to be effective. Make sure to ask for employee input when deciding on job-specific features your uniforms may need.

  • Materials: Beyond using materials that follow industry regulations (Flame-retardant, chemical-resistant), your uniforms should provide comfort and durability.
    • Comfort: Depending on the environment, provided garments should be appropriate for hot or cold areas in the workplace.
    • Durability: Make sure your garments are of good quality and durable enough to last through many wash cycles.
  • Practicality: Make sure your uniform features make sense. Long sleeves may look nice, but might not be practical when working with moving machinery.
  • Symbolism: Make sure your uniforms represent the job of the employee (security guards shouldn’t look like front desk clerks). Uniforms should intuitively represent an employee’s position.

3.  Character

A uniform’s character consists of attributes like style and integrity, which are passed down to the wearer. You’ll want your uniforms to relate to your brand in a way that imbues professionalism and self-confidence in the person wearing the uniform.

  • Style: Ranging from formal to informal, your clientele base should help determine how formal your uniforms should be.
  • Integrity: Your uniforms allow employees to look and play a role, so make sure your uniform style portrays the persona you want your employees to give off.
  • Conspicuousness: While you want your employees to stand out (security guards shouldn’t look like front desk clerks), the style of your uniforms shouldn’t be distracting to customers or make employees feel socially uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Uniform Attributes for Your Company Culture

As previously mentioned, including employees in your uniform decisions will help to make sure you’re incorporating the right features. While some may argue that uniforms can limit an employee’s individuality, this doesn’t have to be seen as a negative. With uniforms, employees are less likely to focus on individual goals and preferences; rather, they focus more on group goals and standards, drastically improving company culture. That’s why providing a quality uniform is key to positively impacting employee attitudes towards the workplace.

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