Improve work safety with PPE uniforms

Safety in the workplace is a common concern for most facility and lab managers. Whether your company uses heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals, creating a safe working environment should be a top priority. Have you recently assessed the safety precautious your company takes? Here are 3 great safety tips you should be considering to create a safe work environment:

Improve Work Environment Visibility & Safety Awareness

From hospitals to manufacturing facilities to laboratories, making sure that machines, chemicals, hazardous work areas, and even your employees are clearly visible is imperative for improving employees’ overall awareness of their surroundings. When addressing facility visibility issues, here are the main concerns you should consider:

  • Labeled Hazardous Areas: Moving machinery, electric arc prone areas, and areas where chemicals are used and stored all should be labeled with large bright signage. This will help indicate when and where employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Adequate Spacing:  Walkways and work areas should be spacious and free of clutter. Anything causing clutter such as wires, tools, etc., should be organized and stored properly.
  • High Visibility Uniforms: When working alongside heavy or moving machinery, employees need to be clearly visible in their environment. Uniforms with high visibility colors and reflective materials help to make employees easily noticeable.

Provide Safe Work Environment Comfort Levels

Employees should be reasonably comfortable while doing their jobs. Does your facility get overly hot or cold? In colder work environments (or when going from cold to hot), make sure employees have appropriate layered garments that can easily be removed. In strictly hot environments or hot seasonal climates, make sure your employees have breathable uniforms. If PPE or other uniform requirements create a hot work environment, make sure employees have adequate access to a cool break area and water.

Safely Prevent Contamination in the Work Environment

You don’t want employees tracking work grime back into their homes or debris from their homes back into the work environment. If this is a concern for you, make sure you are not only supplying employees with uniforms, but make sure they have the right amount of garments to last them throughout the week. When putting together a uniform program, make sure you find a supplier who can meet all the specific needs of your company as well as your industry’s regulations. If you decide to go with a rental program, your uniform vendor should be able to provide cleaning services that eliminate the concern of transferring environmental contaminants in and out of the workplace. This can be especially important for food processing facilities, manufacturing, hospital, and laboratories.

Improved workplace safety is only one of many benefits of company uniforms. Want to know how company uniforms can solve the 5 biggest company challenges? Download your copy of our free e-guide to find out.

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