History of Clean Rental

A premier uniform rental company

From New Jersey to Greater Philadelphia and Beyond

Clean Rental Uniforms started as a small, family-run operation in Irvington, New Jersey, cleaning coveralls for local workmen. After a century of unprecedented service and growth, we have positioned ourselves as a premier, independent uniform rental company for the Greater Philadelphia region. While we have gone through many changes throughout our legacy, we have always stood by one primary guiding principle: customer service above all

"I started spending time in my family's cleaning business as a child," said James Wasserson, president and CEO of Clean Rental and grandson of company founder, Max Blotner. "I watched him work with single-minded devotion to the customer. I took that philosophy with me, knowing that the customer would be the central focus of my business."

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Clean Rental drivers are non-commissioned

Our drivers are industry-experienced individuals who focus exclusively on client employee needs. By removing the sales component of their jobs, Wasserson recognized that drivers could spend time at each location improving client satisfaction. Clean Rental plant employees are provided with incentives to earn more than their hourly wage, a non-standard procedure in the business.

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Clean Rental's management staff consists of long-time uniform experts

By hiring from within the industry, Wasserson and his team turned what was "wrong" with standard operating practice into overall satisfaction in key areas like billing policies, the installation process and garment repair and replacement. In fact, Clean Rental's Red Bag, Red Tag, Red Locker Uniform Repair Program, which guarantees repaired or replaced uniforms are returned the following week without added fees, was a first and remains a scarcity in the industry.

Today, Clean Rental is a market leader specializing in the larger client - companies with a sizeable base of employees wearing uniforms.

Providing over 100,000 workwear uniforms
The numbers tell the story

Clean Rental has doubled the size of its business every five to seven years during the past three decades and boasts 98% customer retention among the 10,000 clients it serves.

A century of uniform rental experience
The people drive the business

Clean Rental continues to build the legacy started by Wasserson's family nearly a century ago. With quality services provided by dedicated people, Clean Rental is poised to serve its clients for another hundred years.

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