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Uniform rental and cleaning services

A Century of Uniform Service Excellence

Headquartered in a Philadelphia HUBZone, Clean Rental is a privately held uniform service provider serving clients nationwide. With over 90 years of uniform services under our belts, we've come to learn a lot about the uniform industry and our clients.

A National Uniform Provider

Today, as one of the largest independent commercial laundering companies in the United States, we have clients in all industries. From food processing, hospitality, and manufacturing, to the top four pharmaceutical giants – our clients’ livelihoods rely on our ability to meet industry standards.

With over 100,000 Clean Rental uniforms worn each day, we provide all types of work apparel including safety gear for the construction site, suits for corporate, ultra-whites for hospitals, and sturdy darks for factories. Our uniform solutions are nearly endless because we never limit our clients to a simple catalog and are willing to customize features to fit the unique needs of each business.

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Solve the 5 Biggest Company Challenges With Employee Uniforms

Discover how work uniforms can be used to boost employee morale, influence professionalism, keep employees safe, and more!

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