Renting Company Uniforms

Uniform and workwear rental services

Lots of uniform companies quote low unit prices - nice, round numbers that look great on paper. Then you get your first invoice and find that every stitch, repair, and replacement equals unexpected fees.

We believe in full disclosure and the simple courtesy of telling you what things cost up front. Our flatline billing and maintenance programs make it easy to budget and save money over time. No hassles. No hidden fees. Just Grade A uniforms, seamless service, and invoices that make sense.

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Flat Rate Billing

We're upfront with our rates, and our rental programs guarantee flat billing fees with no surprises.

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Red Tag, Red Bag

Our Red Tag repairs program makes uniform maintenance easy. Tag your uniform and we'll take it from there.

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Employee Lockers

We'll install lockers to keep your uniforms clean, organized, and easy for employees to find.

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Noncommissioned Drivers

Our drivers are not sales people. They make deliveries and ensure that your program is running smoothly.

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Best in Customer Support

Our dedicated support experts get to know your business and are always just a phone call away.

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Weekly Services

Our timely cleaning and repairs ensure that your employees always have uniforms ready for the week.

A Work Uniform Program Tailored to Your Business

Simply tell us what you need, and we will put the best uniform options together to meet your industry regulations, branding efforts, and budget. Your contract and the transition process will be handled with a level of efficiency, courtesy, and attention to detail that far exceeds our competition. If you need additional items throughout the year, just call, text, or email your dedicated customer service contact to receive immediate attention. We create solutions that fit and grow with you.

Solve the 5 Biggest Company Challenges With Employee Uniforms

Discover how work uniforms can be used to boost employee morale, influence professionalism, keep employees safe, and more!

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How to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges with Employee Uniforms