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How to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges with Employee Uniforms

Discover how we make uniforms work!
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Discover how we make uniforms work!
(Select your industry)

Uniform Experts Committed to Service

Solutions That Fit. From easy and reliable uniform rental solutions to impeccable uniform cleaning services, Clean Rental’s customer care, attention to detail and ability to deliver are simply the best in the business. We don’t just take your order; we provide uniform design that innovates, streamlines processes, reinforces your brand and makes you – and your company – look great.

Our spotless reputation spans nearly a century and is proven in industries ranging from healthcare, food processing and hospitality to government services and transportation.

Uniform Rental You Can Depend On.

Year after year we retain our uniform rental customers – more than 98 percent to be exact. How?  By investing time in your company and learning about your uniform service needs and the way you do business.   Plus, we only hire experienced and noncommissioned drivers.  With an average of nine years on the job, they’re rigorously trained and fully empowered to make even the most sizable and complex workforce deliveries run like clockwork – time after time.

Personalize Your Brand with Custom Uniforms.

From impeccable suits to fun and funky uniforms that make a statement, your employee apparel is a moving message that speaks volumes about your brand.  Tell us what you’d like to say and we’ll create a uniform design that aligns your work wear with your strategic goals, so customers recognize your company with just one glance.

For inspiration and samples of our custom uniform design,
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High-capacity industrial washer at our HUBZone facility in Philadelphia.

When you use Clean Rental, you're getting your uniforms on time, every time.

You Call. We'll Answer.  

Our competition publishes plenty of contact numbers – in fact, a whole tangle of people to call … depending on your issue.

We think that’s too hard.                                                    

Instead, we provide one dedicated contact and support team – people who know you, your uniform rental account and how to get things done.  Whether you need 200 replacement uniforms by Tuesday, have a question about your invoice or want to search new work apparel options for your team, it just takes a call.

Services That Save Dollars and Make Sense.

Lots of uniform companies quote low unit prices – numbers that look great from afar.  But delve into an actual invoice and you’ll find that every stitch, zip, replacement or emblem equals unexpected fees.

Clean Rental believes in full disclosure – the simple courtesy of telling you what things cost up front.  And our flatline billing and maintenance programs make it easy to budget and save money over time.  There are no hassles or hidden fees, just Grade A rental uniforms, seamless service and invoices that make sense.

Eco-friendly Uniform Rental Services. 

At Clean Rental, we go to great lengths to keep your rental uniforms, and our planet, clean.  In addition to selecting the highest-quality textiles for our work wear, we insist on the most innovative, EPA-compliant and eco-friendly uniform cleaning processes available. 

At Clean Rental, we go to great lengths to keep your rental  uniforms, and our planet, clean.

How to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges with Employee Uniforms